Integral Weddings

Respect and tradition are important in a wedding, but so is making the ceremony a reflection of who you are. Perhaps, you want a spiritual wedding, or one that isn’t religious at all. Or you might want a ceremony that honors the traditions of your family, yet has more of a spirit of celebration. Every couple is completely different and many want a personalized wedding ceremony that’s written and coordinated to reflect what’s in their hearts.

Vows and Ring Ceremony

Whether you write your own vows or choose from the many beautiful versions we have to offer, we understand that wedding vows are not just the hallmark of the wedding ceremony, they are the foundation of your married life.

Your Unity Ceremony

Whether you choose from one of the countless unity ceremonies now available to our couples or wish to come up with a unique ceremony of your own, we will assist you in making sure every word and symbol is perfect.

Family Ceremony

Often we think of a family as the union of two people but in reality, it is the coming together of families. Our couples are given the option to publicly thank your parents, or in some instances, say vows to a new son or daughter.

Those Adorable Pets

According to, one great way to include your pet is during the wedding ceremony. Dogs often stand in for the flower girl or ring bearer. It is a beautiful way to create a picture-perfect wedding moment.