April showers bring May flowers –and also a lot of lovely couples planning their summer and fall nuptials!

Congratulations to our newly booked wedding couples; we are excited to start creating the perfect ceremony for you:

  1. Andrew Skvaraca and Lauren Brilli, tying the knot: 9/13/2014
  2. Eric Valentine and Tara Timlin, tying the knot:  9/13/2014
  3. Stephen Churilla and Jenna Hogan, tying the knot: 4/30/2016
  4. Chad Volk and Sarah Hanson, tying the knot: 7/20/2014

Our first two couples just happen to be planning their marriage for the same day, at the same location! That says a lot for the gorgeous Phipps Conservatory. Our third couple will have their ceremony at Lingrow Farm, another one of our favorites and a very popular (and incredibly beautiful) locale. Chad and Sarah, another pair of nature lovers, will be tying the knot at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. There’s nothing better than involving the wonder of nature into your special day, especially at these award-winning venues.

Happy Wedding Planning!

-Luanne & Joe

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Luanne and Joe O'Brien bring their entusiastic and welcoming spirits to make the ceremony especially yours.