Wedding Services

Here is how we make creating your wedding ceremony a joyful part of your wedding preparation!

"May my heart be your shelter, may my arms be your home"
  • A no-obligation meeting to see if our experienced officiants have the expertise that meet your needs.

  • Easy self-scheduling with our online scheduling link.

  • A meeting six weeks prior to your wedding to custom create the ceremony.

  • The authored ceremony emailed to you for final approval.

  • Contact with the venue to make sure we provide them with our contact information.

  • Rehearsal*

Your wedding day will be easier as a result of our experienced officiants.
  • access_time

    We arrive 45 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony to meet with the DJ/musicians and review the ceremony.

  • photo_camera

    We meet with the photographer to let them know about special parts of the ceremony.

  • print

    We print your readings on parchment paper for each reader.

  • check

    We make sure all necessary items for the unity ceremonies are in place

  • mic

    We provide a microphone and speakers should they not be available by the venue or DJ.

  • library_books

    We provide you with the decoration portion of the wedding license along with the original wedding ceremony book used for your wedding.

Post ceremony, our services continue.
  • assignment

    We file the return of marriage with the state.

  • mail

    We email you to make sure you know the license has been mailed.

$350 Full Ceremony
Full Ceremony Cost

The cost includes the following:

  • Initial Meeting

  • 2nd Meeting 6 weeks before the ceremony

  • Rehearsal

  • Creating a customized Ceremony

  • Filing the paperwork with the state

Click here to schedule a no-obligation meeting with Luanne.

In addition to the above ceremony fee, travel fees will be determined at our first meeting. Travel fees are based on distance from our office to the venue:

  • 20 miles or less one way -No Fee

  • 21-25 miles one way -$30 Rehearsal/$30 Wedding

  • 26-30 miles one way -$40 Rehearsal/$40 Wedding

  • 31-35 miles one way -$50 Rehearsal/$50 Wedding

  • 36 miles or more one way -$100 Wedding (Our apologies, but we are not available for rehearsals to venues 36 miles or more away)

Travel Fees